Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Finally a good Editor for windows: Intype

I am sure, like me most people who develop on windows, envy the mac users (among other things :) for the editor they use - TextMate.

Well, Well - it seems like there is a very promising new kid on the block - InType.

Checked it out today and I must say I am very impressed with it.

Although, it's still in it's Alpha (and probably too early to comment on) and lacks some obvious features like undo / redo, it's still very good to do actual coding - especially the XHTML, CSS & Rails support.

Try it out for yourself - download the latest build from here

What's even more interesting is that it's going to have CakePHP support very soon :))


**Update: Seems like the cakePHP bundle has already been written by someone.
Check this out: