Friday, March 31, 2006

Using prototype.js v1.4.0

Using prototype.js v1.4.0: "Developer Notes for prototype.js" - an un-official reference for the objects, classes, functions, and extensions provided by this library by Sergio Pereira.

Quick Guide to Prototype

Particletree · Quick Guide to Prototype: "JavaScript’s increasing popularity throughout the web makes it more important than ever to make sure our client side code is implemented with a nice mix of stability, speed, and reusability. One of the best ways for accomplishing this is to use a simple library and syntax to use as a foundation for every project. Thankfully, Sam Stephenson created an amazing library of functions that we can rely on called Prototype.js to ease our JavaScript development practices."

Painless JavaScript Using Prototype

Painless JavaScript Using Prototype: "Prototype is an object oriented JavaScript [1] library (written by Sam Stephenson and friends) that makes JavaScript fun. So it says on the site [2], anyway. Those of you who are familiar with the open source community's latest and greatest application framework, Rails, may recognise Prototype as it actually forms the backbone of Rails' JavaScript helper. However, Prototype can be used independently of Rails to aid the coding of many JavaScript doodads and Web 2.0 thingy wangles."